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Fluance wants you to #RespectTheRecord with two affordable new turntables, out now

fluance rt80 rt81 turntables now available 1
Fluance is known mainly for speakers, but earlier this year the company decided to branch out a little with a new product category: turntables. The company took to Kickstarter to gauge interest in two new turntables — the RT80 and RT81 — and based on the campaign’s success, it was clear that listeners were indeed interested.

At the time, Fluance said it expected for models to begin shipping in May, and the company managed to meet its target, but only barely, as both turntables are shipping now. Each model uses a belt-driven design and features audio-grade MDF wood construction. The S-Type tone arm includes an anti-skating mechanism, which Fluance claims “caresses each record to conserve and protect.”

Fortunately, listeners won’t need a high-end receiver with a dedicated phono input in order to use either of these new turntables. Both are equipped with a Texas Instruments-designed preamp, allowing them to be used with a standard auxiliary input via the gold-plated RCA jacks, while a ground terminal helps keep background hum to a minimum.

Each model is available in either a minimalist black or a walnut wood finish, depending on your particular tastes. Both models come with isolation feet and feature an aluminum platter and rubber slip mat in order to cut down on vibration and resonance. An adapter allowing 7-inch records with a hole in the middle is also included with either model.

The RT80 sells for $200 and is the comparatively base model of the two. This model ships with an Audio-Technica AT91 cartridge, and features a lightweight, partially hollow cabinet design. The RT81, on the other hand, sells for $250 and features an Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge. This model also boasts a full solid wood design to help reduce vibration.

Both the RT80 and RT81 are available now from the Fluance website. For those who backed the campaign, rewards are shipping now.

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