House of Marley rolls out new wireless cans for well under a C-note

Reggae-themed headphone maker House of Marley has served up a new member in its already expansive lineup, the Rebel Bluetooth on-ear headphones. A surprisingly affordable new way to go wireless, the Rebel BT offer a solid feature set, and a more conventional style from Marley, all for just $69.

In keeping with HOM’s underlying theme of environmentally friendly electronics, the housings for the “eco-conscious” new Rebel BT are crafted from bio-mass and eco-plastics for what the brand calls a “balance of durability and environmental sustainability.”

The no-nonsense design borrows heavily from House of Marley’s Roar headphones, sporting ample padding and a headband created from silicone rubber for a secure, comfortable fit. Underneath, the cans boast 40mm drivers powered by a lithium-ion battery with an estimated eight-hour runtime per charge — that’s nowhere near the 20 or more hours you’ll get from luxury brands, but then again, most of those wireless solutions will run you $300 or more.

Other standard features for the Rebel BT include an onboard microphone and wireless controller for song skipping, and a removable cable with in-line microphone for those times when you want to plug in.

“We wanted to make a headset that is affordable and still deliver the quality and sustainable craftsmanship our audiences have come to expect from House of Marely,” said Sam Vanderveer, the firm’s senior VP and general manager, in a related statement. “Rebel BT embodies both these qualities — and does it with style. We’re very proud to introduce this headset.”

While we haven’t always been blown away by the sound of House of Marley’s gear, we like the company’s aim for both sustainability and (especially) affordability. At $69, you’ll be hard pressed to find many similarly priced wireless competitors for the new Rebel BT, outside of sketchy airport offerings.

The headphones will roll out in three colors; black, grey, and navy. You can pick up a pair at House of Marley’s website, and at other retailers nationwide starting today.