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JBL’s cheap true wireless earbuds just got even cheaper

A woman wearing a pair of the JBL Tune Flex earbuds in black.

If you’ve been searching for earbuds lately, you’ll know that their pricing is much higher than their size. It can actually be jarring, and if you search through lists of the best earbuds, you’ll come away with the impression that you’ll need to spend a couple hundred to get something great. However, this deal on the JBL Tune Flex will show you that you can get good budget earbuds at an excellent price if you’re willing to look long enough. Tap the button below to get them for just $70, which is $30 less than the usual $100. Or, keep reading to see what makes them worth your time.

Why you should buy the JBL Tune Flex

If you want a budget pair of noise-canceling earbuds, the JBL Tune Flex at a discount are worth taking a look at. They have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, powered by their 12mm dynamic drivers, delivering a “Pure Bass Sound” in JBL’s parlance. Each bud also has four microphones, which are used for everything from calling and voice assistant pickup to making ambient mode and active noise cancelation (ANC) work properly.

The JBL Tune Flex are certainly AirPods alternatives in terms of their form factor, at least at first glance. They have a sort of bulb-and-stick model that you’ve already seen elsewhere and, with the white version (also on sale right now, check below “Add to cart”) it’d be pretty hard for average people walking nearby to tell the difference. However, as a user you might. While you can technically use AirPods without ear tips, the JBL Tune Flex are designed to give you more flexibility in that area, making the tip optional by design if you need extra room in your ear canal. The earbuds are made to increase the seal, thus improving the power of the noise-canceling.

To grab your JBL Tune Flex at a reduced cost, just tap the button below. You’ll find the noise-canceling earbuds there for just $70. That’s $30 less than the typical $100. Be sure to choose from the black, blue, and white coloration by making your choice below the “Add to cart” button, as all are on sale at the same price at the time of this writing.

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