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Usually $600, this LG soundbar with subwoofer is $400 today

A frontal view of the LG 3.1.3 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer combo.

There’s an unwritten rule about today’s TVs that is sort of built into their construction. Our best TVs are quite thin, often proudly so, and even include pieces that are meant to stick to walls like framed art. As a result, they don’t have the thickness to produce the intensity of sound that the majority of us would like to have with our sports, action movies, and even the news. An even worse result then comes: we get stuck paying a ton more for good sound unless we take advantage of the best soundbar deals, like this one from LG which provides a 3.1.3 channel soundbar sound system complete with a wireless subwoofer. Usually $600, you can save $200 on this system today, getting it for just $400 instead. To find it, just tap the button below. Alternatively, keep reading for our take on this system.

Why you should buy the LG 3.1.3 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer combo

One of the primary characteristics of this 3.1.3 channel, 480W combo is simplicity. From an AI-based sound balance system, that gets your settings right based on the shape and environmental conditions of your room, to one cable HDMI eARC support, you should be able to get by with less wires, less mess, and less hassle. You can even use the soundbar as a more convenient hookup to the TV, passing through your console games and DVR directly to the TV through it with 4K and HDR10 still in tact.

If you own an LG TV, you’ll also be pleased to know that this soundbar comes with the ability to share your TV’s processing power. This gives the soundbar the ability to have its sound quality boosted and optimized automatically. Though it should be noted that this soundbar and subwoofer combo can be connected with plenty of other devices, including your phone via its Bluetooth connection.

Again, while this deal is active, this system becomes just $400. That’s $200 down from the usual $600, and all you need to do to find it is tap the button below. If you find that the sound system is actually outpacing your old TV, you should also consider our collection of the best TV deals.

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