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How LG’s OLED Art movement is inspiring and redefining the digital canvas

Shepard Fairey X LG OLED Art at Frieze LA 2024

We inspire art. That’s the inspiration behind LG OLED ART initiatives, and rightfully so. Their TVs have become a digital canvas, exercising transformative art in a new experience like never before. More specifically, LG has teamed up with a group of artisans to turn their gorgeous OLED TVs into an authentic digital canvas inspired by imagination and creativity from some of the greatest minds of our age. Namely, Shepard Fairey is bringing his street art into the digital realm, reimagining some of his fantastical works like the “Damaged Wrong Path Mural” for Frieze LA — it combines several of his iconic pieces from his 2017 Damage installation.

Curated and handpicked pieces are displayed in a new light, using LG’s OLED TVs as a digital canvas with new elements injected into the original works, maximizing the potential of this new medium. Witness dynamic movements, transitions, and added dimensions as you admire the pieces. It highlights LG’s renewed focus on advancing digital arts and blending modern artistic innovations with cutting-edge technologies. It will also help introduce these beautiful works of art to new audiences.

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Exploring LG’s collaboration with Shepard Fairey in fine detail

Shepard Fairey artwork X LG OLED Art on display at Frieze LA 2024

LG OLED and Shepard Fairey have teamed up for 2024’s Frieze Los Angeles event. Fairey, a renowned artist and major player in the contemporary street art movement, masterfully blends traditional and commercial art in various ways, delivering his brand of social critique through physical prints, murals, stickers, posters, and much more. This time, he’s going digital.

Shepard says he believes “in reaching people through as many mediums as possible and always playing to the strengths of the chosen medium.” Speaking of sharing his vision through LG’s OLED and digital platform, he’s “well aware that most people experience art secondhand on screens.” Naturally, he wants “to maximize the potential of art living on screens, so it’s logical for [him] to collaborate with LG using some of their most advanced screen technology as a showcase for [his] work.”

But thanks to the collaboration with LG, Fairey’s art is now immortalized in digital form, taking a groundbreaking leap into the world of digital canvas prints — debuting on LG OLED TVs. Some of Fairey’s works, like “Ideal Power” and “Swan Song,” reflect the current times. The latter, for example, is a commentary on the critical state of the environment, calling for corporate responsibility and regulation, something we so desperately need in today’s world. It’s also a beautiful rendition of his thoughts and beliefs, awash in color and contemporary style.

“The inspiration for the pieces I chose is based on various conceptions of peace and justice. The topics include environmental justice, racial justice, gender equality, and peace, not only as the absence of war and violence but peace as a product of enhanced justice and equality. These art pieces often merge aspirational images and symbols of peace and justice with bits of text and imagery that critique the barriers to achieving peace and justice. My pieces are meant to seduce visually but provoke intellectually in hopes of creating a healthy dialog about critical issues the world is facing.”

To see Fairey’s works alive on LG OLED TVs via the digital canvas feature is something to behold.

Why LG OLED and the digital canvas of tomorrow?

Shepard Fairey X LG OLED Art make art not war canvas on wall at Frieze LA 2024

With these kinds of creative exhibitions, LG aims to support visionary creatives and captivate the imagination of all who have the fortune to witness live. It enables artists to enter the digital age, embracing the intersection between traditional and digital artworks.

Everyone deserves to view and experience the pieces, taking the chance to become a true connoisseur in the ever-evolving world of art, mystery, and beauty. These installations and the digital canvas technology make that a real possibility for everyone.

From its LG OLED evo G series to the C series, the brand’s iconic smart television sets are also making an appearance at Frieze Los Angeles. The unique gallery design of the TVs allows them to blend seamlessly into their environment, much like an actual photo or art frame would. The bezels are virtually nonexistent, leaving more screen real estate for the artwork. The vivid colors, contrast, and realistic depictions of the art are made possible by a panel technology called organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which utilize organic electroluminescence to provide a bright, clear picture. The result is an authentic experience not unlike what you’d get visiting a gallery of physical art.

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements is that these TVs are available to everyone. You could even have them mounted on your walls at home already. While the artwork depicted here is being shown at Frieze LA this week, there is an excellent selection of fine art available to you if you own LG’s OLED TVs or plan to soon.

If you’re in Los Angeles and can see Frieze in person, you should. It runs from February 29, 2024, until March 3, 2024, and is located in the Santa Monica Airport.

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