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Marantz to launch three new SR-series receivers this month

Marantz SR7008 

Marantz will be launching three new AV receivers in its SR series this month, adding some features and upgrades from the previous iteration, including a bump up in sound.

The SR5008, SR6008 and SR7008 are similar in design and function, but offer slightly different specs. The SR6008 will have dual discrete HDMI matrix outputs and digital-to-analog conversion for multizone playback. The SR7008 will get the same multizone capabilities the SR6008 has, albeit with an upgrade to nine channels, instead of seven, plus a suite of advanced room correction features that includes the Audyssey MultiEQ XT32 and Sub EQHT.

All three models have similar specs, including enhanced speaker terminals and wireless functionality. Here are the features all three have out of the box:

  • HDAM & Current Feedback Circuitry

  • Audyssey MultiEQ XT

  • 7 HDMI Inputs

  • Networking with Apple AirPlay
  • Spotify, Pandora and  SiriusXM network streaming

  • AirPlay for streaming from a Mac or iOS device
  • 7.2 Preamplifier Outputs

  • 7.1 Multi-Channel Analog Inputs

  • Component Video Switching

  • 4K Ultra HD Scaling and Pass-Through

  • RX101 Optional Bluetooth adaptor compatible

  • Detachable Power Cord

  • I/P and RS-232 Control
  • Control4 Certification

  • Three Year Warranty covering parts and labor

The SR5008 is a 7.2 channel receiver at 100 watts for each, along with basics like an Ethernet port, seven HDMI inputs and support for HD audio file formats. Users can set up two zones with added support for Bluetooth streaming via the separately sold RX101 adapter. This one will sell for $900.

The SR6008 is a 7.2 channel receiver at 110 watts for each, along with the same Ethernet port, seven HDMI inputs and HD file format support the SR5008 offers. The multizone features are the same as the SR5008 as well. It adds an extra layer of functionality with DTS Neo:X and Audyssey DSX in setups where speakers are on the front-height or front-wide channels to create a 3D sound space. There’s also HDMI pass-through in standby mode. This one will sell for $1,200.

The SR7008 is a 9.2 channel receiver at 125 watts for each, along with pretty much all the features the other two models offer. In addition, there’s three HDMI outputs, plus MultiEQ XT32 and Sub EQHT, a dual subwoofer calibration system to simplify and enhance performance for any room or configuration. Marantz says it “measures the characteristics of each speaker in the system and quickly generates precision digital filters for the smoothest, most natural tonal balance over the entire audio range”. This one will sell for $2,000.

All three models will be sold in retail and from Marantz’s website this month.

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