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Mojawa’s latest headphones provide real-time fitness feedback using AI and haptics

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra bone conduction headphones.

Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra bone conduction headphones offer a new take on fitness tracking by combining music with AI-driven real-time workout guidance and haptic feedback. The new device, aimed at runners, cyclists, and swimmers, was launched at CES 2024 but can be preordered now for $200. When it becomes more widely available in March 2024, Mojawa plans to increase the price to $300.

The HaptiFit Terra’s design will look instantly familiar to anyone who has worn bone-conduction headphones. The neckband shape and over-the-ear hooks are both typical of the category. It has a claimed IP68 rating makes them fully dust- and waterproof.

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra bone conduction headphones.

However, Mojawa has given the HaptiFit Terra a few extras that are not standard fare: The frame is made from lightweight titanium alloy, and the panels that cover the bone conduction transducers do double duty as capacitive and pressure-sensing controls, plus they can light up. Mojawa says the illumination is for both safety purposes when working out in low-light conditions, but they can also respond to high heart rates.

Instead of just tapping on the controls, you can press them. The 3D sensors then detect the amount of pressure used and provide corresponding haptic feedback to simulate a physical button click (similar to how Apple’s laptop trackpads work). In addition to the usual playback controls, you can select your activity type, hear activity stats, adjust the volume, and activate the lights. Workouts can also be initiated and tracked via the Mojawa app.

Mojawa companion app showing running stats.
Mojawa companion app showing swimming stats.

The app can generate entire workout plans, while the headphones use a combination of audio and haptic feedback to deliver instant heart rate, pace, step count, calories, swimming lap and distance, and other notifications so that you can adjust your pace or technique to meet your goals.

After a workout, you can review all of your stats and share them with friends and trainers. Mojawa says an online competition feature will also be launched later in 2024.

Runners and cyclists can listen to music via Bluetooth, but there’s also 32GB of onboard storage, which provides a massive amount of space for uploading tracks and playlists to the headphones when you don’t want to (or can’t) bring your phone, especially when swimming.

The HaptiFit Terra will give you a claimed eight hours of use on a single charge, and fully recharging them via the included magnetic induction cable takes an hour.

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