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Monster’s Ravebox isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a party in a box

monster ravebox boombox style bluetooth speaker 1
Unless you’ve got a serious stereo setup and you’re partying at your own home, Bluetooth speakers have become the default source of tunes for any last-minute shindig. While any adequately large Bluetooth speaker can provide your tunes, Monster’s Ravebox – part of its Blaster line of boombox-style speakers – can provide a colorful light show at the same time.

“When we introduced our original Monster Blaster last year, our goal was to reimagine the classic ’80s boombox for the modern era, with high-wattage bidirectional sound for a new level of portable party audio,” head monster Noel Lee said in a statement.

“With the addition of Ravebox to the Blaster family of portable music products, we’re giving music lovers a unique way to enjoy and share their music, with deep, powerful audio, plus a mind-bending light show that literally lets them bring the festival home!”

In addition to the lights that automatically sync up with the music you’re playing, the Ravebox also packs the same powerful bidirectional sound featured in other boombox models. The speaker is meant to be used either indoors or outdoors, with dual equalization profiles optimizing the sound for each, meaning you don’t have to worry when the party gets too big to keep inside. An integrated subwoofer means that the weak bass response found in some Bluetooth speakers shouldn’t be a problem here.

Despite its relatively large size and volume output, Monster claims the Ravebox offers up to 12 hours of playback time, though this will vary based on how loud you’re listening. Like many speakers this size, the Ravebox features a full-size USB port, allowing it to charge your mobile devices when you’re out and about.

The Monster Ravebox is available now, and retails for $500, though right now it can be found for $450. For more information, see the product page on the Monster website.

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