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Netflix stretches its reach, nearly doubles Dutch subscribers

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Having conquered the U.S. market, Netflix has been quietly moving across the Atlantic to European households as of late. A recent survey finds 7 percent of Dutch consumers, or around 1 million subscribers, are now Netflix faithful. The figure reflects the share of Dutch consumers with a paid subscription to the service at the end of Q2 2014, up significantly from 4 percent for Q4 2013. While not all that surprising, the new data from Netherlands-based research firm Telecompaper is another example of the service’s growing ubiquity on a global scale.

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As Advanced Television notes in its coverage of Telecompaper’s survey, which counted over 6,600 participants aged 12 to 80, the exact number of Dutch subscribers is currently unknown – Netflix has earned somewhat of a reputation for its statistical secrecy. But the service’s latest quarterly figures indicate a total of around 13.8 million paying subscribers outside the U.S. as it continues to invade foreign markets.

However, the precise number of people who’ve actually pulled out their credit cards for the service isn’t necessarily the most relevant detail. A more important point might be the one that lies behind this rapid subscription bloom in the Netherlands. Broadband TV News points out in a report that the number of Dutch who knew what Netflix was in the first place jumped from 71 percent in Q2 2013 to 86 percent just one year later.

Other findings from the survey include the fact that 40 percent of Dutch subscribers use the streaming service mostly via a laptop. 37 percent watch with a TV connected to a laptop, Chromecast, Apple TV or game console, while another 31 percent prefer watching via tablet or smart TV.

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