Netflix announces March premiere for original series ‘Bloodline’ with grim new trailer

Netflix has pulled back the veil a bit more on its anticipated new original series, Bloodline, revealing that all 13 episodes of the series will premiere in March 2015. The announcement comes with the release today of a very short and very ambiguous teaser trailer.

Starring everyone’s favorite football coach/mentor from the Friday Night Lights TV series, Kyle Chandler, Bloodline is a dramatic thriller set in the Florida Keys that follows four siblings of a respected family, the Rayburns. The family’s “dark secrets and shameful past” become unravelled with the homecoming of their black sheep brother for the 45th anniversary of their parents’ hotel.

Apart from Chandler, the new series is loaded with familiar faces including Sissy Spacek (Carrie), Sam Shephard (The Right Stuff), Ben Mendelsohn (Dark Knight Rises), Jamie McShane (Sons of Anarchy), Jacinda Barret (Poseidon), and Linda Cardellini (ER).

Bloodline’s series creators Todd A Kessler, Glen Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, come most recently from the popular legal thriller Damages.

The series seems to be gaining steam as the enigmatic storyline is slowly revealed before us. The ominous burning boat and the foreboding promise from Chandler’s voiceover set a chilling tone for the series’ premiere:

“We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing.”

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