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Netflix’s new prank video clowns Amazon’s drone delivery concept, and it’s pretty funny

netflixs new prank video brings amazons idea drone delivery notch netflix drone2home

Remember that CBS story lauding Amazon’s new plan to employ an army of drones for its delivery service, only to get pretty much shot down as media hype due to multiple hurdles, including the FCC? (Damn you Charlie Rose, we trusted you!)

Either way, Netflix remembers. And while the company may be cozy with Amazon when it comes to using its cloud services, the two are in direct competition when it comes to streaming video. Perhaps in the spirit of that competition – or maybe just to egg the king of online shopping on a bit – Netflix created a little video poking fun at Amazon’s grand robot helicopter design.

What if Netflix brought in its own flock of drones for its DVD and Blu-ray delivery service? In a dystopian/hilarious future, it might look a little something like this:

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