New Rotel RSDX-02 introduced

This undeniable fact has helped launch a new compact integrated component from audio manufacturer Rotel Electronics. The company’s new RSDX-02 combines a DVD player and powerful 5.1-channel digital-surround amplifier with AM/FM tuner in a single component ideal for systems where space is at a premium. Unlike low-quality DVD-receivers, the new RSDX-02 features plenty of power and simple, flexible operation. With 80 watts of output power in all five channels and a dedicated subwoofer output, the RSDX-02 needs only a video display and a 5.1 speaker system to complete a full home theater system.

A programmable LCD touchscreen remote control is one of the RSDX-02’s many upscale refinements. Others include precision digital processing, Dolby Digital and DTS multichannel decoding, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo: 6 for two-channel sources, and an “All-Channel Stereo” mode claimed to be ideal for spreading the sound evenly for parties or casual listening. Supported disc formats include DVD video, JPEG images, standard CD, CD-MP3, and DVD-Audio. The 30/15-preset FM/AM tuner section is an option not found on typical surround processors. Rotel’s “Balanced Design” technology, meticulous engineering and top-grade componentry enhance the unit’s audio and video performance.

Inputs and outputs: The RSDX-02 provides both coaxial and optical digital inputs, as well as analog inputs for older components such as VCRs, ensuring easy compatibility in any setup. Its wideband component-video input/output facilities simplify integrating video source components with HD-ready TVs and monitors.

“This unit is a ‘plug and play’ one-box solution ideal for small-room theater systems such as bedrooms, dens, vacation homes, dorm rooms, etc,” said Rotel America general manager Mike Bartlett. “For the consumer who has a modest home theater system and wants a simplified approach without a plethora of bewildering connections, we offer the RSDX-02.” Launched in October, the RSDX-02 sells for $1499. google_max_num_ads = 5; google_debug();