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Paramount+ sets new record for NFL streams

Paramount+, the streaming network that encompasses all things CBS, set a new record for its “most-streamed NFL season ever,” parent company ViacomCBS announced today.

The first three rounds of the postseason — with wild card games, divisional championships, and finally the conference championship — noted three straight record weekends on Paramount+, with the Cincinnati Bengals-Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship game (which required overtime after quarterback Patrick Mahomes blew it) seeing triple-digit growth in total streams, streaming minutes, and unique viewers over last year’s conference championship game in which the Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills.

Paramount Plus app icon on Apple TV.
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And that’s just the streaming side of things. CBS Sports itself noted its highest-watched NFL Season in the past six years and its largest audience overall for the AFC Championship game. That overtime win from Cincinnati averaged 47.851 million viewers and spiked to 60.99 million viewers, which was the third straight game to hit more than 50 million viewers at the peak.

By comparison, CBS averaged a little more than 21 million viewers across the regular season and playoffs, up 13% over a year ago.

On the NFC side of things (and with a post on Twitter serving as a less-comprehensive news release), Fox Sports says that the conference championship between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams averaged 50.42 million viewers across all its platforms, peaking at 55.218 million viewers. The Rams won that game 20-17 in regulation.

And that’s it for both Fox and CBS for the season. Super Bowl LVI will be broadcast on NBC at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 13. It’ll be available on every major streaming platform, cable and satellite, and on NBCUniversal’s Peacock service.

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NFL Sunday Ticket: Everything you need to know
NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV.

One year in, and this much is clear: Having NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV has been a pretty big success. Perhaps that has a little to do with how you measure success. Maybe it's by the number of direct subscriptions. Or maybe it's by the number of subscriptions Sunday Ticket has helped add to YouTube TV. Or maybe it's by the amount of advertising revenue Google has been able to bring in through one of the biggest sports in the United States.

Or maybe — if you're a consumer of such things — it's that you're now able to watch out-of-market NFL games from wherever you happen to live, without requiring a lengthy contract, and a satellite dish.

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Vizio brings new channels, features to its booming WatchFree+ streaming service
A Vizio WatchFree promo image.

California-based TV maker Vizio announced today that WatchFree+, its free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service, is dialing things up in the wake of what it's calling "record growth." That means it's adding new features and expanding its channel and title offerings by partnering with Warner Bros. Discovery, Lionsgate, and more.

Since adding the "Plus" to its name in 2021, Vizio's WatchFree+ streaming service, which is available on its SmartCast TVs, has seen steady growth -- the service also recently added Philo to its smart TVs. In today's announcement, Vizio says that viewing hours for the service have more than doubled in the past year, according to their own internal data.

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NFL Sunday Ticket presale starts today — save on the 2024 season
NFL Sunday Ticket on a TV.

Aside from a few scant hiccups, the inaugural season of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV was a pretty rousing success. And today, Google has begun presales for the 2024-25 season, that’ll save you a few bucks.

For those new to NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s a subscription scheme by which you can watch every out-of-market game. So if you’re in, say, Saints country but are a die-hard Steelers fan, you can watch every Pittsburgh game to see if they figure out this quarterback thing, even if it’s not being broadcast in your area. You can do so either through YouTube TV or on YouTube proper via YouTube Primetime Channels. (Before the 2023 season, you had to have DirecTV’s satellite service to get NFL Sunday Ticket. )

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