Phiaton unleashes two new headphone models, including wireless ‘phones with ANC

phiaton unleashes two new headphone models including wireless phones with anc ms530

Rising star, Phiaton, has announced two brand new headphone models to add to its growing lineup, the Chord MS 530 and the Fusion MS 430. The MS 530 is a premium wireless headset with active noise canceling (ANC) technology, while the MS 430 is an understated wired headset that takes the baton in Phiaton’s Moderna series. The two new models have very different skill sets, so let’s take quick look at each below and see what they have to offer.

Chord MS 530

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Yes, it is ironic that a wireless headset would employ the word ‘chord’ in the title, even if it is the musical spelling. That said, the premium MS 530 (pictured above) appears to be a powerful new weapon in Phiaton’s arsenal, with reams of technology packed into a radically post-modern frame for a stylish, cutting-edge way to enjoy your favorite tunes.

The Chord employ the latest Bluetooth 4.0 protocol with aptX technology for a pristine wireless signal, as well as advanced ANC technology that promises to block “98 percent of ambient noise,” which is a pretty audacious claim. For those who fly regularly, the headphones can also be wired to comply with FCC regulations. Other notable features for the new cans include titanium-coated 40mm drivers, an estimated 18-30 hours of battery life, and dual microphones to block out ambient noise when fielding phone calls. The MS 530 are priced at $350, and will be available for purchase October 8th.

Fusion MS 430MS 430_NUKI001_highres edit

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At $180, the Fusion MS 430 sit in the middle of Phiaton’s catalog. Carved from a lightweight, carbon-fiber frame that’s layered in polymer for improved resilience, the headphones promise rich bass and clear treble in a fold-able, travel-ready chassis. The headphones employ 40mm dynamic drivers with “oversized neodymium magnets,” and come equipped with a pair of tangle-resistant oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables, one of which offers an in-line microphone with volume control. The MS 430 will be available for purchase  October 1st.

Both the the Chord MS 530 and the Fusion MS 430 will be on display tonight from 6-10pm at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in NYC at the Phiaton booth. But if you can’t make it into the city, don’t worry, we’ll be checking out the new cans soon enough, so we’ll let you know how they perform off the page.