Phiaton’s MS 100 BA will change what you expect from $100 ear buds

phiatons ms 100 ba will change expect ear buds phiaton ba1

Phiaton has come a long way since first arriving in the US seven years ago. Originally introduced at CES 2008 as a Bose challenger, Phiaton’s parent company, Cresyn, would soon learn the real competition would be coming from a new headphone brand launching later that same year: Beats.

One thing we’ve always appreciated about Phiaton is that it has never been one of those “bandwagon” headphone brands, following up on Beats’ success with copy-cat designs and big-bass sound. Instead, Phiaton has stuck to its own look and sound profile, making small refinements to its products, and strategically expanding its product line to meet the evolving needs of listeners. The latest evidence of that approach is Phiaton’s MS 100 BA in-ear headphones, and while they may not be the first balanced armature cans to break the $100 price barrier, but they might just be the first to do it right.

Balanced Armature headphones are often criticized for sounding “cold” or “sterile,” and they tend lack bass unless multiple drivers are used. What makes the MS 100 BA so desirable is that they offer a great balance of warmth and detail, with enough bass to satisfy most listeners, all in a remarkably light and comfortable package. We even like the cable.

Check out our first look video, we think you’ll find Phiaton’s latest a highly appealing option if you’re picky about sound, but don’t want to drop a ton of cash on an in-ear headphone.