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Grab a new dorm room TV for $118 in the Walmart Deals sale

The Philips 32-inch HD TV's Roku home screen.

Best Buy is currently having a massive sales event, dubbed simply Walmart Deals. As part of the sale you can grab a 32-inch TV for just $118, $50 off its usual price. There’s nothing super flashy about this TV — the selling point is the price. Throw it in the kid’s playroom, your dorm, stuff it in the motorhome or camper, do whatever you want with it because a TV isn’t getting much cheaper than this. We can (and will) go on more about what this TV is good for below, but be sure to tap the button immediately below this message to check out the TV for yourself. Over 200 copies of this TV are in people’s carts as this is being written, so if you wait, supplies may dwindle.

Why you should buy the Philips 32-inch HD TV

The Philips 32-inch HD TV is a small Roku TV that displays in 720p HD. It is by no means a super-powered TV, but it gets the job done. This is the TV that’s a little bit grainy but actually fits in your dorm or camper, that lets you talk and chat with the lads and make memories just as much as you focus on watching it. A bit of spilled beer or, if you put this in a child’s playroom, a cupcake-icing fingerprint aren’t going to sour the mood or make things awkward with a TV at this price level, either. That’s the real charm of this TV. It’s for small places and times where the memories are worth more than the content.

That isn’t to say that this is an objectively bad TV, however. It has a thin bezel, thin behind, and lowkey stand, making it very space efficient. It is also a Roku TV, which makes content (both free and subscribed-to) accessible within very short order of turning on the TV. So long as you know what you are getting, you aren’t going to have a horrible time with this TV, and it maintains a 4.4 rating after more than 5,400 reviews on the Walmart website.

Once again, this TV has such a low price right now that it can go toe-to-toe with any of our favorite budget TVs, at least in terms of price. That’s because it is $50 down, from $168 to $118, while this deal lasts. Over 100 were bought from Walmart yesterday, and (at the time of this writing) over 200 of them are are in people’s carts. So, to get your Philips 32-inch HD TV while this deal (and supplies) last, be sure to tap the button below. It’s not, however, unreasonable to want something nicer, so you should also check out other 4K TV deals.

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Why you should buy the 55-inch Toshiba C350 Series 4K TV
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