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Pioneer’s new HRM-7 headphones promise studio-grade performance on a budget

pioneer hrm7 studio dj headphones hd hrm 7 angle
As the dust begins to settle on this year’s massive CES exhibition in Vegas, it appears Pioneer has saved the best of the company’s new 2015 headphone lineup for after the show. Pioneer DJ, the company’s pro-sumer division, today unveiled a new set of studio cans called the HRM-7, which are geared for use in the studio or DJ booth thanks to a massively-wide frequency response and claimed performance accuracy.

Pioneer calls the 40mm drivers that power these no-nonsense cans “HD” drivers, as in high definition. The drivers sport a copper-clad aluminum voice coil that helps them achieve a sprawling frequency response that stretches from a claimed 5Hz all the way up to 40kHz, double what the human ear is capable of perceiving audibly.

To go along with that expansive sound signature, the HRM-7’s earpieces sport dual-chamber bass reflex enclosures to better support low frequency response, while also limiting unwanted resonance for better accuracy in the bass region. The design also aims to offer enhanced noise isolation to block out ambient sounds via a 3-layer damping enclosure, potentially making these ‘phones able to move from the studio to the club with ease.

Finally, the HRM-7 are built around a “3D ergonomic design” which is intended to meld to your head without excess clamping force to provide a secure and comfortable fit. The headphones also come with dual detachable cables, including one in the coiled DJ design, a replacement set of velour ear pads, and a quarter-inch adapter.

We’d like to have seen a stout carrying case thrown into the package, but given the HRM-7’s reasonable $239 price point, that omission can be forgiven — as long as these headphones can deliver on their promising stats. We’ll find out soon enough, as the HRM-7 are set to hit stores in March.

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