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Plex VR lets you and three friends watch together at a virtual drive-in

Plex VR drive-in scene
Plex is one of the best options available for setting up a home media server, and it’s constantly adding new features, like the ability to skip commercials when using its built-in DVR, added in November. Now the company is adding another feature, and it’s a big one. On Wednesday, January 24, Plex announced Plex VR, which lets you watch movies and TV shows on a virtual big screen.

The idea originally came from a project found in the Plex community called Plevr. While the team at Plex had originally dismissed VR, a look at Plevy changed quickly their minds. Now the project’s creator is working at Plex on Plex VR, and this is just the start.

Plex VR is more than just watching your media in a VR headset. To start, a few “scenes,” like a drive-in movie theater and a fancy apartment are built in to make your viewing more comfortable. You can even watch with up to three friends, no matter where in the world they’re located, complete with real-time voice chat. We’ve seen projects that let you watch with friends before, but never in VR.

Fortunately, you won’t need a high-end PC to use Plex VR. Instead, all you’ll need is an Android phone compatible with Google Daydream — Plex says that the new VR feature is compatible with all Daydream-ready phones. You can even play local media stored on your Android device, complete with support for 180- and 360-degree video.

Plex VR is available for free, though for certain features like the drive-in movie scene and the ability to co-watch with friends, you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription. A subscription costs $5 per month, or $40 per year, though a lifetime subscription is also available for $120. Fortunately, if you want to see how the co-watching feature works without paying up, first-time Plex VR users will be able to try out the feature for a week for free before signing up.

If you think this all sounds great, but don’t know how to get started with Plex, don’t worry. We’ve got a guide to setting up Plex on your PC, and it’s easier than you might think.

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