Polk launches its new Striker ZX gaming headphones for Xbox One

Like so many audio companies, Polk has aimed its decades worth of expertise toward the lucrative genre of gaming audio. The result of Polk’s latest efforts is the new Striker ZX wired stereo headset for Xbox One. Unveiled at this year’s E3 Expo, the $90 Striker ZX come in three color patterns with names as flamboyant as their hues, including Rosso Red Orange, Skyline Blue, and Black Out Black.

Polk claims it has loaded the affordable Striker ZX with components from its “premium headphones.” That could be a good sign if it’s a nod to the company’s Buckle headphones, which offer a smooth and full midrange, balanced by a pleasant touch of detail. But the company’s latest creation has been fine tuned specifically for the gaming world to accentuate the deep and immersive layers of today’s complex game soundtracks. That includes its Dynamic Balance system, designed to deliver a wider, more precise stereo image without distortion.

Specs for the cans include 40mm polymer resin dynamic drivers, a 46-inch strain-relief cable, a retractable omnidirectional chat mic, and chat loop to hear your own voice inside the cans. The headset includes a wireless stereo adapter for easy connection to Xbox One, as well as a 3.5mm connection for rocking out tunes in between sessions. Polk also promises top-flight comfort for extended gaming sessions thanks to its ProFit comfort system, boasting a light design, heavy cushioning, and two-way pivoting ear cups.

The Black and Blue versions of the Striker ZX are available now at Polk’s website and at Best Buy, while the Rosso Red Orange model is available exclusively at Best Buy.

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