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Scosche unveils the rugged, waterproof BoomBottle H2O+ Bluetooth speaker

Scosche has offered a few different cylindrical Bluetooth speakers for some time now. Things began with the BoomBottle, which was followed by the waterproof BoomBottle H2O and the bigger, louder BoomBottle+, which we took a look at earlier this year. Now the company is taking the same approach with the H2O, resulting in the BoomBottle H2O+, which Scosche announced on Thursday.

Though all of Scosche’s BoomBottle speakers are meant for users with fairly active lifestyles, the BoomBottle H2O+ is aimed to handle the rigors of being used outdoors. This model uses a rugged construction, and is drop tested to meet or exceed military standards. The speaker is also IP67 certified against dust and water. Like the other models in the BoomBottle line, the speaker is shaped specifically to fit into most bike water bottle cages and cup holders.

Like the other BoomBottle series speakers, the BoomBottle H2O+ offers multidirectional sound, which is a big part of the reason behind its cylindrical shape. The speaker features a 12-watt amp powering an upward-firing 50-mm driver and passive subwoofer. Waterproof speakers often sound slightly muffled due to how tightly sealed they need to be, and that may be the case here, but based on our time with other BoomBottle speakers, it shouldn’t be as much of a problem with this speaker as some others.

Looking at battery life, the BoomBottle H2O+ claims up to 11 hours of playback time, though this will vary based on listening volume. The speaker features an LED indicator so users can easily check the battery level before grabbing the speaker for the day. Like most portable Bluetooth speakers, this model charges via Micro USB, and as a bonus it comes with a patent pending EZTIP Micro USB cable, which uses a reversible connector, meaning users don’t have to worry about plugging it in the wrong way.

The Scosche BoomBottle H2O+ comes in Space Gray/Black, Tech Sport Gray, Gold/Black, or Tech Sport Blue color variety, and retails for $130. To purchase the speaker or for more information, see the Scosche website.

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