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We pit the two best-sounding wireless earbuds against each other

True wireless headphones are improving almost daily, it seems, and there is now an increasing number of options for the price of the extremely popular AirPods that give Apple a run for its money. For those looking for a bit more luxury, though — and much better sound — the choices are limited. In fact, there are really just two pairs of true wireless earbuds on the market that we put on a pedestal for their great sound quality (alongside impressive features and design): The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds, and Master and Dynamic’s MW07.

Both pairs cost a pretty penny at $300, but which is the best? We pitted them against each other in a number of categories (including sound performance, of course) to decide which are the best luxury true wireless earbuds to buy.

Style and fit

master and dynamic mw07 left
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Available in four gorgeous colors, including multiple tortoise-shell designs as well as plain black, the MW07 certainly look the part, standing as one of the most stylish pair of true wireless headphones we’ve seen.

For their part, the Momentum certainly offer understated minimalism in matte black, while their sparkling endcaps add some flash as well. That said, they don’t stand out in the same way as the MW07, which are just gorgeous from any angle.

As for the fit, while the Momentum fit well and stay put, they poke out from our ears a bit more than we’d like, and they aren’t quite as comfortable as the MW07. The MW07 also have removable fins that help them conform to your ear canal to stay put in almost any condition. As such, we’re going to give this one to the MW07.

Winner: MW07

Charging case

Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds review
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Charging cases are part and parcel with true wireless earbuds, helping you keep track of these little buds, as well as to extend the rather minuscule battery life currently offered by the genre. Both pairs in our competition have impressive cases in their own right, including modern features like USB-C ports, which allow their respective earbuds a full charge in just 1.5 hours.

When it comes to design, we love the MW07’s stainless steel case, which feels like something a secret agent might be handed just before a covert mission — though it does tend to scratch over time. Speaking of secret agents, we actually called out the Momentum’s fabric-lined case in our review as something we could see in the pocket of James Bond’s classic gray three-piece suit. It’s larger and not quite as rugged as the MW07’s case, but it also includes magnetic charging ports inside which make it simpler to seat the buds when you’re not using them.

Still, this one is too close to call, so we’re calling it a draw.

Winner: Draw

Battery life

master and dynamic mw07 buds detail
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Battery life — one of the most important features in any wireless device — is another category that’s extremely close. The Momentum True Wireless earbuds themselves come out on top with around four hours of battery life per charge, compared to just 3.5 hours of battery per charge for the MW07. Neither pair holds up as long as we would like, falling below the much cheaper Apple AirPods as well as other favorites like Jabra’s impressive Elite Active 65t, but the Momentum do last longer per charge.

On the other hand, the Momentum’s charging case only offers two extra charges for a total of 12 hours while on the go, while the MW07’s case adds three charges for 14 hours of total battery. Really, this one just depends on how long you will be using the earbuds at one time, but since both have check marks, it’s another draw here. Things are heating up!

Winner: Draw

Controls and features

Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds review
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

The MW07 offer simple and easy-to-use controls in the form of buttons on top of the buds, which we generally prefer over touch controls. The Momentum instead opt for said touch controls, which are a bit more confounding to use, especially for volume control. On the other hand, we were impressed that the Momentum’s touch controls almost always worked once we got the hang of them.

What’s more, the Momentum offer Transparency Mode, allowing you to pipe in sound around you to keep you aware of your surroundings. They also offer Smart Pause, pausing whenever you take them out, and pausing can also be adjusted along with multiple other features in Sennheiser’s Smart Control app.

The Momentum earbuds simply allow you to do more and fine-tune their features through the app, handing them the win here.

Winner: Momentum


master and dynamic mw07 profile
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Neither pair is fully waterproof, but both pairs of earbuds offer basic IPX4 splash-proofing, so they should work fine on your daily workout, even if you build up a sweat or get into some wet weather. This one’s another draw.

Winner: Draw

Sound and performance

Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds review
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

While we realize sound is quite subjective, we’ve made our decision and we won’t hold you in suspense when it comes to our verdict: We’re giving the Momentum the win.

Both pairs of earbuds offer clear and detailed sound (thanks in no small part to aptX Bluetooth connection for supported devices), but the Momentum take things further, offering bigger, bolder bass, smoother midrange sound, a wider stereo image, and better overall instrumental definition.

When it comes down to it, while both earbuds sound great, the Momentum True Wireless simply offer the best sound we’ve heard in a pair of true wireless headphones, hands down.

Winner: Momentum


For their better performance and features, Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless earbuds come out on top, though the battle was actually closer than we expected. These are both impressive pairs of true wireless headphones, and on the other side of the coin, their $300 price point is a lot more than most people are willing to pay.

Still, if you want the best performing true wireless earbuds, while we’ll pick the Momentum, both models have their specialties. In the end, you’ll have to decide which is right for you.

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