Sharp 2013 audio line-up

A prototype 85-inch 8K TV isn’t the only thing Sharp brings to the table at CES this year. The Japanese company unveiled its new audio lineup of speaker docks, sound bars, and CD players before the show even officially started. It’s hard to say how they will live up to high-end audio options currently on the market, but they make quite a first impression. The HT-SB60 for example, showcases some impressive sound via its 2.1 channel arrangement and wireless subwoofer — not to mention it’s the only soundbar system on the market designed exclusively for 60-inch TVs and bigger. The sleek GX-M10, a modern spin on the classic ghetto blaster from the 80s, also made an appearance. Touting a scuba tank-esque exterior, the portable speaker system includes a built-in CD player, docking stations for all your favorite Apple devices, and a microphone and guitar input to take your show on the road. Hello, coffee shop world tour.