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Sling TV’s Cloud DVR is now on almost all of the service’s supported devices

Sling TV first introduced its Cloud DVR feature in beta form in 2016. Since then, the feature has become a virtual must-have — not just for Sling TV, but for live TV streaming services in general. While some competing like DirecTV Now have yet to even launch a similar feature, Sling TV has rolled out Cloud DVR on several new platforms, meaning it’s now available on pretty much any device supported by the service.

On Tuesday, May 1, the company announced in a blog post that the Cloud DVR feature is now available on smart TVs from LG Smart TVs, 2016 and 2017 smart TV models from Samsung, the Xbox One, Chromecast, and the Google Chrome browser. This leaves Comcast’s X1 and 2018 Samsung smart TV models without DVR functionality, but it’s hard to imagine that the latter won’t get Cloud DVR support in the near future. Of course, DVR functionality isn’t supported on certain channels, but you’ll find that’s the case no matter what device or streaming service you’re using.

One of the handiest features of Sling TV’s Cloud DVR, especially when compared to the traditional DVRs of old, is that you don’t have to worry about conflicts. Schedule as many shows as you want, and Sling TV takes care of it for you behind the scenes, as long as your account has the space to store them. Once you hit the 50 hour limit, your oldest recordings will be deleted, but you can use the Protect option in the Manage DVR section to keep your favorites on your DVR.

Bringing Cloud DVR support to all of its supported platforms isn’t the only thing Sling TV is working on. In March, the company debuted an updated user interface on Roku devices, making navigation easier and bringing the ability to modify your subscription from the comfort of your couch. For the time being, the new UI is still only used on Roku devices, but the company has said that it will make its way to other devices moving forward.

Sling TV’s Cloud DVR is available as a $5 per month add-on to your subscription. For more information on all the devices supported by Sling TV, see the support section of the service’s website. Meanwhile, for an in-depth look at everything the service has to offer, take a look at our rundown of Sling TV.

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