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SOUL Electronics unveils Spring 2013 athletic cans with Tim Tebow in tow

Tebow headphonesThough he spent most of the football season warming the bench for his inept Jets squad, Tim Tebow is still one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Headphone marketing may be an unlikely use for his million-dollar smile and squeaky-clean charm, but SOUL Electronics didn’t hesitate to put Tebow to work at CES 2013.

The QB was on-hand to help push the company’s 2013 Spring line of athletic headphones, which consists of six distinct sets of cans. We’ll take a look at each, but without much in the way of technical details coming from SOUL, our observations will remain rather skin-deep. That said, we can still get a feel for what SOUL is shooting for with each pair of phones.

Perhaps the most Tebow-esque of the lineup, the rigid, angular, over-the-ear Combat + cans (pictured below) sport a sweat-resistant headband and a detachable kevlar cable. These look to be the most rugged of the bunch, so if you’re searching for something that can take a few hits and keep on trucking, these might be a good option.

Next up are the aptly named Jet over-the-ear phones. These are designed to be a frequent-flier’s best friend, and SOUL claims they offer “superior” noise-cancelling technology. For when the battery gets low, the wireless Jets can extend battery life by employing a passive play feature, just like the team that shares their name.

On-ear phones can sometimes be cumbersome, but SOUL’s Transform headphones are meant to be all about comfort. The Rubber headband is said to “ensure a snug fit,” while detachable mesh earpads break away under stress to avoid irreparable damage – handy for those who have been known to snap a pair or two in half.

SOUL appeases exercisers with its Flex phones – earbuds equipped with ear hooks that keep them secure during vigorous exercise. They’re also made of waterproof materials, so sweat won’t damage them. These are probably the most runner-friendly of the bunch.

Next on the docket are the lightweight and “fashion-forward,” SOUL’s Loop headphones, which were crafted specifically for the fairer sex. The cans are billed as an on-the-go option that provides robust bass and clean mids and highs. It’s nice to see female athletes get some recognition.

Last up are the tiny-yet-feisty Mini earbuds. This model is said to offer optimized acoustic performance and an ergonomic design that keeps them from slipping out of your ear and disrupting your motivation music. These are perfect gym-buddies.

Ironically, SOUL’s Spring 2013 phones won’t ship until Summer, but if the company can support its clever designs with solid audio, they may be worthy of a spot in your starting lineup.

Pricing details have yet to be released.

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