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THX brings its tune-up app to Android, offers free download ahead of the Super Bowl

THX wants to help tune your home theater

THX today announced the release of an Android version of its THX tune-up app. After remaining an iOS affair for the first year or so of release, the app now allows the Google faithful to quickly adjust their TVs and audio gear via a mobile device for optimal picture and sound.

As an added bonus, THX is making both versions of the app available for free from now until February 3 – just in time for the big game on Sunday.

To use the app, users connect their mobile device to a TV or A/V receiver via an HDMI adapter or adapter cable, which can be found online or at electronics stores. Apple devices can also wirelessly send video data via Airplay to Apple TVs. Users can then perform basic video calibrations, adjusting parameters such as aspect ratio, brightness, color, contrast, and tint. And the audio section of the app helps ensure speakers are correctly connected and in phase. 

The app can be extremely useful, especially for getting low-priced flat screen TVs looking their best. While the adjustments the app helps with don’t get into the deeper settings provided by some high-end TVs, it can help you get your picture and audio on track, which may make Sunday’s NFL showdown that much more enjoyable for you and your guests.

In addition, THX has thrown in a few little bonus features such as the famous “THX Deep Note” sound effect, access to various THX trailers in HD, and an “Ask Tex” feature that answers basic questions about home theater setup.

We put together this full walk-through  for iOS  devices, but it should work just as well for Android users. If you’ve never calibrated anything in your home theater, you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference a few basic adjustments can make. The app is no substitution for a professional calibration, but for those looking to get the best out of their gear inthe near-term, it is one of the easiest methods we know of – and free is a very good price. 

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