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Time Warner: Netflix’s insistence on Open Connect is “discriminatory”

Last week,  Netflix launched its Super HD and 3D streaming services, available only to customers with certain Internet Service Providers (ISP). The services come at no additional cost to Netflix subscribers who are, naturally, thrilled with the announcement. The ISPs, on the other hand, aren’t as ecstatic.

According to Slashgear, Time Warner Cable (TWC) is claiming that Netflix is engaging in “discriminatory behavior.” The reason TWC is hot under the collar: Netflix is requiring ISPs to sign-on to its Open Connect delivery system before giving them access to the new high-resolution content. Open Connect essentially strings a direct line between Netflix and ISPs, advantageous in that in that it eases congestion and reduces the cost of streaming the high-bandwidth material.

Still, TWC says its network can handle the task just fine, thank you very much, and is contending that it’s wrong for Netflix to withhold content from its customers. Netflix, however, views an opt-out on Open Connect as a deal breaker, and continues to encourage all ISPs to get on board with the program – which it insists involves no extra cost to the provider.

Will TWC content itself with voicing its displeasure? Or is this public foul-crying a harbinger of legal action? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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