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Urbanears delivers a sequel to some of its most popular cans in the Plattan 2

urbanears launches plattan 2 headphones
In the years since their initial launch in 2009, Urbanears’ Plattan wired headphones have been one of the company’s most popular products, selling more than 3 million units. Now they’re finally getting a refresh, as on Tuesday the company launched the Plattan 2, which it calls a “grown up version” of the original.

“Plattan has been upgraded some 50 times since 2009, yet none of those upgrades were big enough to name it Plattan 2 — until now,” Urbanears’ co-founder and creative director, Oscar Axhede, said in a statement. “Plattan 2 embodies everything we’ve learned over the years, while staying true to the classic traits that make Plattan a favorite, and a mainstay in our collection.”

Those classic traits Axhede mentioned include a fabric-wrapped cable and a built-in mic and remote. The Plattan 2 headphones also retain the ZoundPlug, which allows a friend to plug in a pair of their own headphones so you can listen along together. If that friend is plugging in another pair of Plattan or Plattan 2 headphones, they can even be daisy-chained to allow more people to listen in.

Despite keeping the above features, the Plattan 2 aren’t just the same headphones with a new name. Urbanears says the new model has an improved frequency response and clearer definition, thanks in part to new ear cushions that make for better sound isolation. The updated model also features a “3D hinge” that the company says makes the headphones more flexible, with the result that finding the perfect fit should be much easier.

The Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones retail for $50 and are available beginning today in black, dark grey, indigo, tomato, and white, as well as two seasonal color options: powder pink and snow blue. For more information, see the Urbanears website.

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