VOX Amphones a portable guitar amp for your head

vox amphones ac30Today, VOX Amplification USA announced the release of the VOX Amphones, a hybrid product that serves simultaneously as a pair of headphones and as a guitar amp. The amp – built into the headset – features four settings:

  • A default setting, which simulates effect of VOX’s classic AC30 amplifier.
  • A “Bass” setting, designed to mimic Vox’s AC100, a wide-range amp known for accommodating a variety of tonal options.
  • A “Twin” setting, which captures the sound of a well-known  US-manufactured clean guitar amp.
  • A “Lead” setting which covers a range of lead guitar sounds from UK-made amps to US-made high-gain boutique amps.

Some of these settings come with adjustable effects as well, with “Bass” featuring a compressor and the “Twin” setting featuring reverb and delay.vox amphones lifestyle pic

The Amphones also serve as fully functional headphones with no instruments connected. So whether you’re listening to your own music, or someone else’s, you won’t have to worry about waking the house with your late night concerts. The headphones themselves are made by Audio-Technica and are touted as “comfortable fit” phones that fold up to provide portability.

Though they’ve yet to be released to the public, Digital Trends has obtained a pair in advance; stay tuned for our upcoming review.

Vox’s Amphones will retail for $100 and will be available in October 2012.