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Wyze Buds drop with a cool color and a cooler price

Wyze has unleashed its latest Wzye Buds — wireless earbuds that, if nothing else, should grab your attention due to their price, as well as a slick color option.

The new Wyze Buds sport up to seven hours of playback on a single charge. The case gets you another 20, and a mere 15 minutes in said case gets you up to two hours of playback. Toss in the 30 decibels of passive noise reduction, what promises to be a “bass-driven sound” thanks to the 10.5mm drivers, and IPX5 sweat resistance, and you’ve got a set of earbuds that hit that impulse-purchase spot.

And that’s true whether you’re talking about the definitely attractive “electric green” models, which are shipping now for $54, or for the more muted black models, which will ship in mid-September for $10 less.

The new Wyze Buds in green.

We’ll have to wait to get the Wyze Buds in our ears to really weigh in on the quality, but they’re definitely positioned on a lower shelf than the Wyze Buds Pro, which will have longer battery life, a smaller case, and more premium features like active noise cancellation and wireless charging. You’re also limited to using them with one device at a time, but they can remember as many as eight devices, so it’s just a matter of making them active.

Still, the new Wyze Buds get most of the details right, at least on paper. The charging case uses USB-C, which is one of those places we still too often see companies cut corners. And you get five sizing options with the black model, and three for the limited-edition electric green set.

On the tech side, the Wyze Buds employ Bluetooth 5.0, with SBC and AAC codecs. Audio latency is measured at 170 milliseconds.

The Wyze Buds also tie in to Amazon Alexa, or your phone’s built-in Siri or Google Assistant features.

Introducing: Wyze Buds

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