Add some dynamism to your space with the A2 Angle Shelf

add some dynamism to your space with the a2 angle shelf 1 big

Nobody likes being a square. Ditch the typical straight-lined shelving of commoners and add some energy to your space with this dynamic slanted bookshelf. The A2 Angle Shelf ( $1,753) was designed by Sara Larsson and is made from white MDF material. There aren’t exactly a lot of specs we can give you, other than this thing measures in at over six feet wide, but we can say that we think this shelf would look great just about anywhere. Instead of blending into the wall like most bookshelves, this one actually stands out as an interesting piece of design. It has 18 different-sized shelves to hold your books or other objects. While we think this would look great in a home or a (large) office, it’s probably not very well suited to neat-freaks or people with slight OCD tendencies. This is one thing that can’t be straightened.