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The Air Lamp is a floating light that will delight your guests

air lamp floating light screen shot 2017 06 01 at 9 16 am
It’s hard to imagine how smart a lamp can really become. After all, we’ve been clapping to get them to light up for years, and as for voice activation, that’s practically par for the course these days. But this latest Kickstarter project may just have a trick up its sleeve that you have yet to see. Meet the Air Lamp, the levitating portable lamp.

The light source, whose elegant design and neutral colors (you can choose from black, rose gold, and silver for the base) help it blend into any home decor, is completely wireless and therefore totally portable. You don’t have to worry about placing it near an outlet, which means that you have full freedom when it comes to choosing a home for this unique lamp. With a battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge, you can depend on the Air Lamp throughout the day, or evening.

So how does it levitate? As per its Kickstarter page, the secret is in the energy base, which features sensors that track the floating light and automatically adjust the magnetic force, keeping the lamp in a constant, levitating position. Other sensors keep tabs on battery, and will flash at you when it’s time to re-juice.

Finally, the Air Lamp comes with two USB ports so you can easily charge your iPhone, your tablet, or just about any other device at your convenience.

With its 3 watts of light power, the Air Lamp can certainly come in handy in a pinch. You won’t need to fumble around for a flashlight in the case of a power outage — instead, just have this floating device be your guiding light. With about a month and a half left in its Kickstarter campaign, Air Lamp is hoping to raise $50,000. And if you’re interested in helping, you can donate $169 and get an Air Lamp of your own, with an estimated delivery date of November 2017.

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