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Nearly out of beans? Your coffee maker will soon order you more, thanks to Amazon

amazon dash replenishment service appliances quirky poppy pour over coffee maker
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This week, Amazon announced its Dash button could all but eliminate those late-night trips to the grocery. The adhesive gadget sticks to household appliances, and, operating off of a mobile app, automatically sends your favorite branded product right to your doorstep whenever you push it. With its touch-to-buy functionality, the handy control promptly charges your credit card, and an order confirmation is dispatched to your smartphone.

Some people thought it was an early April Fools’ joke, but it comes on the heels of a similar functionality that will be baked right into actual appliances. Available to the public this fall, the Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) will let connected devices order physical goods directly through the Web retailer’s authentication and payment system.

With fewer than 10 lines of code, Amazon says that appliance manufacturers can pre-program domestic machines to measure consumer use so that reordering happens instantly, or they can incorporate a touchable Dash button  into their hardware for users to depress when running low on particular goods. The button is also available for goods that don’t require an external device, such as sodas or granola bars. You can order toilet paper through your Dash button, but it doesn’t sound like Amazon is quite ready to incorporate the tech into your toilet.

Lots of laundry piling up? Your Whirlpool washer can order more detergent. Running low on Fido’s edibles? Envision an automated pet dispenser that knows how much dog food is on hand and ensures a timely re-order before you’re all out. A smart baby formula maker can refill your little one’s food, so you can cross the task off of your to-do list. With these two products, plus a coffee maker that tracks bean use, Quirky’s Poppy line is pushing hard to be part of your automated life.

Amazon says Brita and Brother are also on board to take care of your water filter and printer ink needs.

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