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Amazon drops prices on these Arlo Pro outdoor security camera kits

Amazon dropped the prices significantly on Arlo Pro 2 wireless outdoor camera system kits. Smart home security is a driving force for many people who are ready to move beyond just saying, “Alexa” or “Hey, Google.” Wireless outdoor security systems are easy to install, and the Arlo Pro 2’s reputation and customer ratings should put it on anyone’s short list when they’re in the market for outdoor security cameras.

Arlo Pro 2 wireless security camera systems include at least one camera and a required Arlo base station. You cannot use Arlo cameras without a base station installed in your home and connected to your home Wi-Fi. The base station has an internal 100-decibel siren that can be configured to go off when any Arlo cameras in the system detect sound or motion or to sound only on command from the Arlo mobile app. The base station supports all Arlo camera generations, so you can mix or match cameras in the same system.

The weather-resistant IP65 Arlo Pro 2 cameras are 100% wire-free and run on rechargeable batteries which makes them perfect as outdoor security cameras. The cameras record 1080p full HD video day and night, using infrared LEDs for night vision. The cameras support two-way audio and allow customized activity zones for the motion and sound alert. The Arlo Pro 2 also has a 3-second lookback feature that records three seconds before an alert so you can view what happened just before the alert. You can also use Arlo Pro 2 cameras indoors.

The Arlo Pro 2 is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible so you can control the system with voice commands and view livestream and recorded video on supported smart displays. Using the Arlo mobile app you can also see live or recorded footage, configure the system, and receive remote alerts. Recorded video clips of alert events are stored in the cloud for free for seven days, but you can also connect a USB drive to the base station to keep local backups of recorded video.

We’ve found the best discounts on Arlo Pro 2 wireless outdoor security camera systems from Amazon and put them all in one place. Whether you’re buying a Father’s Day gift, beefing up your smart home, or starting with smart home security, these five deals can help you save up to $301.

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System – 2 camera kit — $131 off

The Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System 2-camera kit includes two cameras and the Arlo base station. If you plan to use it as an outdoor security camera, an outdoor security mount from Amazon is only $11.

Normally priced $480, the Arlo Pro 2 2-camera kit is just $349 during this sale. If you want to get started with an Arlo Pro 2 system, take advantage of this awesome price.

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System – 3 camera kit — $193 off

The Arlo Pro 2 3-camera kit has three cameras and a base station. Usually $680, Amazon discounted the Arlo Pro 2 3-camera kit to $487 for this sale. If you’re looking for a security camera system to cover two outside area and one inside entryway, this deal is another great bargain.

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System – 4 camera kit — $162 off

If you intend to expand an Arlo Pro 2 system later, the 4-camera kit might be your best choice. Regularly priced $800, the Arlo Pro 2 4-camera kit is just $634 during this sale. You can cover two or three outside areas and still have choices for one or two indoor cameras. If you’re shopping for a smart camera security system, this configuration monitor four important areas in and around your home at an appealing price.

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System – 6 camera kit — $301 off

The 6-camera kit offered in the Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System is the largest configuration in this sale. Ordinarily $1,100, the Arlo Pro 2 6-camera kit is $799 for this sale. If you already know you have five or more areas that need monitoring, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a 6-camera kit at a compelling price.

Arlo Pro 2 Add-on Camera — $69 off

The Arlo Pro 2 Add-on Camera is the right add-on for any Arlo wireless camera system. Earlier Arlo cameras had lower resolution than the Arlo Pro 2, but you can add a Pro 2 camera to monitor the most important area for the best video quality. Instead of the usual $220 price, the Arlo Pro 2 Add-on Camera is $151 during this sale. If you want to add Arlo Pro 2 cameras to any system at a great price, now’s the time. Please note the Add-on Cam only works with Arlo Systems that already have an existing Arlo Base Station.

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