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Amazon drops price of newest Echo Dot with Sengled two-bulb smart light kit

Amazon just dropped the price of a new third-generation Echo Dot bundled with the Element Classic by Sengled Starter Kit with two smart light bulbs and a Sengled controller.

With this bundle, available now on Amazon, you can save $20 off the cost of buying the Dot and the Element Classic by Sengled Starter Kit separately. Connect the Sengled bulbs with Alexa via your smartphone to turn individual lights or whole rooms on and off using Alexa voice commands.

Amazon’s Echo Dot is not only the best selling smart speaker the Echo lineup, it’s also the best-selling smart speaker, period. Larger devices such as the Echo and Echo Plus have more powerful speakers than the Dot for room-filling music but also cost twice as much. The Dot is a compact-sized, versatile digital voice assistant that can answer questions, make audio calls, check your schedule and calendar, tell jokes, read stories, and control smart devices in your home such as thermostats, door locks, lights, and more.

You can stream music with the Dot from Amazon Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and other services. While the larger format Echo smart speakers are better suited for great rooms and parties, the Dot is acceptable for casual listening in the kitchen, den, bedroom, or home office. The third-generation Dot has significantly improved sound compared to the previous versions. You can also pair two third-generation Dots for stereo music playback and configure equalizer settings for each speaker.

Smart lighting and security devices are the two most common smart home applications. The Echo Dot is a valuable digital assistant even when not connected to any other devices. After you follow the simple set-up to control the bundled Sengled lights via voice requests to Alexa, don’t be surprised if you start thinking about setting up voice-controlled lights in every room. Working via the Echo Dot, Alexa can adjust the Sengled bulb’s brightness as well as turn them on and off.

You can control individual lights by name or assign multiple lights to named groups such as “Great Room” for even more convenience. It’s also possible to combine lights in routines linked to video doorbell alerts or security system alarms so that, for example, if a motion detector sends an alert, lights come on immediately inside every room in the house.

Normally $90 if purchased separately, the new Echo Dot and the Element Classic by Sengled Start Kit bundle is just $70 during this sale. The bundle is in stock and available for free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Whether you’ve been thinking about getting a smart speaker as the first step in configuring a smart home or want to add another Dot and two more smart lights to your existing setup, this is a good opportunity to save money on useful smart devices.

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