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Looking for a good cup of joe? Angels' Cup is a coffee subscription box

When it comes to trying new things, most people are a little wary about wasting their money. Once someone finds something they enjoy, chances are they would rather stick with it than gamble with something new. This is especially true when it comes to something as commonly enjoyed as coffee.

Angels’ Cup Coffee is a subscription box service that encourages coffee drinkers to reach outside their comfort zone. By sending blind tasting samples, users have no way to judge a flavor with preconceived notions. This allows them to taste new coffee blends without bias.

Depending on how much coffee a person drinks, they can choose between The Cupping Flight service, with four one-ounce samples for $10 per box or The Black Box subscription, with four three-ounce samples for $22. Boxes can come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for up to 208 different coffees per year.

With the newly launched Black Box service comes a new companion app for smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. After sampling one of the unknown coffee samples, users can record notes on their tasting experience and enter a code to compare their flavor palette with the Angels’ Cup “roastmaster.” Only then does is the coffee blend revealed to the customer. If they liked it, a whole bag can be ordered directly from the roaster.

Controlling the app is designed to be straightforward. Easy-to-use tools such as a flavor wheel help coffee tasters visualize distinct aromas and tastes. Notes are saved for later so subscribers can develop their tastes and make informed decisions when purchasing their next coffee blend.

Angels’ Cup’s main objective is to help customers develop their palate, assisted by the companion app, and to provide people with better, more affordable, and environmentally sustainable coffee.

Of course, to really take advantage of the blind coffee samples, it’s important to brew it right. For those who want options, this smart coffee maker can brew in three different ways. It even has a built-in scale so each cup of coffee can be prepared in a scientifically accurate manner. To complete the whole experience, the HuskeeCup that is itself a mug made out of coffee. By using old coffee husks, the maker of this mug recycles hundreds of tons of waste materials from coffee production.

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