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Arlo Doorbell and Chime will tell, you who’s at your door, are available to buy

It’s been more than half a year since Arlo left the Netgear nest and officially became its own company, and now the smart home device maker is showing what it can do as a solo act. The California-based company has debuted a new wireless connected doorbell and chime that promise simple DIY setup. The doorbell pairs with Arlo’s wireless cameras for greater control over your front door.

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is now available for $80 from major retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. The Chime likewise is available for $50.

The new Arlo Audio Doorbell and Audio Chime are both compatible with the free Arlo app, which means that you can chat with visitors at your front door from the palm of your hand. If you connect these devices with an Arlo camera, you can create a sort of makeshift video doorbell solution, intelligently detecting strangers and friends alike, and if necessary, quickly calling emergency services by way of an Arlo Smart subscription.

“The Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime build on the success of our wire-free camera systems by allowing users to easily engage with entryway visitors from anywhere,” Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products, said. “A seamless remote and two-way communication via their smartphone ensures that whether a homeowner is traveling, at the office, or just in the backyard, they are able to easily communicate with doorstep guests. And because the Audio Doorbell integrates into an Arlo wire-free camera setup, users are able to truly round out their home security ecosystem for added peace of mind.”

The Arlo Audio Doorbell takes the place of your existing doorbell, and calls your smartphone anytime the button is pressed. The Arlo Audio Doorbell requires two standard AA batteries, and boasts a weather-resistant exterior so your smarts don’t run dry during a storm.

The Arlo Chime works in concert with the Audio Doorbell, sending instant alerts to any room where it’s plugged in so that if you’re not near your phone, you’ll still know that someone’s at the door. Arlo Chime can emit an alert up to 80 decibels, so you’ll never be able to say that you didn’t know you had a visitor ever again.

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