Armed Notebooks give your writing some kick

armed notebooks give your writing some kick armednotebook 02

Notebooks can be boring. Instead of picking up a few plain pads at your local Office Depot’s back to school sale, try this intimidating black variety from the designers over at Molla Space. These Armed Notebooks ($20 each) have matte black 3D designs on them of either revolver, grenade, or knife. The description says something about turning violence into creativity and words into power, but we’re guessing most of the appeal is that, quite frankly, these are just cool. The notebooks are designed in portable sizes and each design features a different function as well as unique spacer page designs inside. The revolver design is unlined, the grenade features graph-like lines for sketching, and the knife has traditional lines as well as a blank bottom portion for designs and brainstorming. We’re all for upgrading the little things in life, and arming yourself with one of these notebooks will decidedly make note-taking, sketching, or list-making a better part of your day.