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Art installation and computer program monitors city’s mood

It’s always good to see art and technology combining to deliver a unique and pleasing aesthetic for people to enjoy. And so it is with that premise that German artists Richard Wilhelmer, Julius Von Bismarck, and Benjamin Maus created the ‘Fuehlometer’ (feel-o-meter) a charming  interactive art installation that replicates the city’s mood through a large smiley face sculpture set atop a lighthouse in Lindau, Germany.

Comprised of fluorescent neon tubes and steel piping, the ‘Fuehlometer’ or ‘public face’ is situated at the top of a lighthouse overlooking Lindau. A digital camera set along the lake captures the faces of people walking by, which can then be analyzed by a computer program and placed in three categories: happy, sad, or indifferent. After the faces are analyzed, the average expression is tallied and then replicated on the expression of the giant sculpture, with  the mouth and eyes of the sculpture adjusting to mirror the overall sentiment of the city.

We assume, through their giant sculpture, that Wilhelmer , Von Bismarck, and Maus will become easily aware if the people of Lindau are not overwhelmingly satisfied with their work…

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