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This kitchen table is a tabletop gamer's dream come true

Gamers tend to take games seriously regardless of the play format. Board Game Tables took that to heart in the design of its unique board game tables. The company leveraged a background in handmade furniture constructing to design a quality and eye catching kitchen table that converts into a game table.

Press a release button, remove the top, and you’ll find a pristine gaming surface sunk into a three-inch recessed gaming area covered with a padded felt top. Think Las Vegas craps table, but not nearly as deep or tall, and a much better fit for your kitchen.

At first glance, this idea sounds gimmicky and a bit dated, but at second glance the quality marksmanship and design set it apart. More than 700 people agree enough to put up $500,000 which destroys the $40,000 goal, and there are still 30 days left on the campaign. Think back to the days of Risk, Stratego, or Settlers of Cataan, when a game had to end when it was time to clear the table for dinner. That is not a concern with this table. Just leave the game in place and put the table cover back while dinner is on. Perhaps that is the draw to fund this project.

Board Game Table's Duchess convertible game table.
Board Game Table’s Duchess convertible game table. Board Game Tables

Much of the appeal could come from the stow-away cup holders that ensure cards and board games stay dry. Or that the recessed game area keeps dice, cards, and game pieces off the floor. Most likely, it is the functional nature of a quality piece of furniture that is also a place to gather and play favorite board or card games.

Whatever the reason, a pledge of $500-$800 gives a backer the flagship game table, The Duchess, cup holders at $560, and a kitchen table top is reserved for those who pledge $740 or more. Board Game Tables argues that their price is a steal compared to ordering a custom-made game table that would cost more than $2000. The company is estimating a delivery to backers by February 2017.

Board Game Table’s approach to old school gaming is inventive, but it would not have a chance without available technology – – specifically online crowdsourcing. Without a doubt, the crowdsourcing approach gave the project a life that would be difficult to match without the technology and visibility provided by its funding campaign.

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