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Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Dave’s technology geek-fest began with the classic Commodore 64 computer, which started a lifelong passion for all things related to technology. Dave loves learning and writing about innovative technology, gadgets, and cutting edge products that make life better and more enjoyable.

sevenhugs funds us expansion hugone 11

Sevenhugs and its sleep tracker is now available in the U.S.

Sevenhugs, creator of the HugOne sleep monitoring system and home Smart Remote recently raised $14.6 million to fund its U.S. expansion.
space travel in stasis coming soon

Space travel in stasis is coming sooner than you think

SpaceWorks and NASA have teamed up to develop a way to induce a state of stasis for astronauts on long space travel missions.
hyperloop makes progress on manufacturing and test site sunset in paradise1

Hyperloop test site shows commitment to making high-speed travel a reality

Hyperloop is making progress constructing its manufacturing and test site in North Las Vegas. The multi-million dollar project is well underway.
justin timberlake concert documentary on netflix jt

Netflix to release Justin Timberlake concert film in October: Watch the trailer now

Netflix acquired exclusive rights to the concert documentary Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids, directed by Silence of the Lamb's Jonathan Demme.
will technology let you talk to your dog in the future using laptop computer

Will developing technology really let you talk to your dog?

Recent research shows that dogs are capable of not only understanding limited vocabulary but also intonation.
star wars force awakens visual effects reel screen shot ilm

You won’t want to miss this epic ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ visual effects reel

Star Wars fans have to watch this epic visual effects reel from Industrial Light and Magic that pulls back the curtain in a rare behind-the-scenes look.
new suffolk app is facebook for dead people cemetery

Social media for the deceased? There's an app for that.

Social media is quickly becoming an aspect of normal everyday life. Now an app provides a solution to remember the dead and find their resting places.
insurance company uses drones to inspect homes texas drone test high res 02

Insurance companies dispatch drones to inspect storm-damaged homes

Texas homeowners who filed claims for hail damage had their roofs inspected by drones. Allstate hopes to use drone tech to help with claims processing.
telltale announced release of new walking dead installment

Telltale’s Walking Dead installment ‘A New Frontier’ has your zombie fix this November

Telltale announced that the highly anticipated new installment of their Walking Dead Series - A New Frontier will release in November.
Samsung Galaxy s7 Active waterproof phones

Samsung, AT&T won’t replace water-damaged S7 Actives if warranty is expired

The Samsung Galaxy S7 active, advertised as the most rugged version of the phone, failed Consumer Reports' water-resistance testing, twice.
waze reminds parents to get the kids out

Waze beta feature reminds parents to take their kids out of the car

Waze is hoping to help reduce incidences of fatalities and heat stroke in children left in hot cars by reminding the driver to get them out.
net neutrality plugin experience

AT&T and other ISPs fight in court to kill net neutrality

AT&T, along with industry trade groups asked the court to reverse a ruling on new net neutrality rules that give consumers equal access to the Internet.
tbs creates sitcom based on notorious big lyrics series

Notorious B.I.G. inspires new TBS comedy series, and the ’90s are gone forever

TBS teams up with magazine and record label Mass Appeal to create a TV comedy series based on the lyrics of rapper Notorious B.I.G.
leaked intel roadmap shows new nuc hardware feat

Leaked Intel NUC roadmap shows a healthy heaping of new planned hardware

A leaked Intel consumer NUC roadmap shows a heaping helping of hardware on the way for the company's tiny NUC units.
south koreans play pokemon go along dmz

South Koreans don't let geographic restrictions stop them from playing Pokemon Go — they just travel to the DMZ

Pokémon Go is not technically available in South Korea yet, but enterprising Pokemon trainers discovered that it is available along the DMZ.
darpa awards profusa grant for implantable biosensor bio feat

DARPA invests $7.5 million into Profusa’s tiny tech-packed implantable biosensor

DARPA, in cooperation with the US Army Research Office awarded a $7.5 million grant to San Francisco company Profusa to develop implantable biosensors.
uber investigators lied illegally recorded phone calls

Uber investigators admit to lying and using illegal tactics against Uber’s opponents

Uber's contracted investigative firm, Ergo admitted in court to lying and illegally recording phone calls to investigate Uber's legal foes.
new battlefront dlc rogue one scarif rendition1

New ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ dlc is out, along with a new teaser for ‘Death Star’ expansion

EA announced that the new Star Wars: Battlefront dlc will include content on the upcoming film, also released Death Star teaser
facebook exec draws criticisim over diversity comments

Facebook exec adds insult to injury in response to poor ratings on diversity report

Facebook diversity exec blames applicant "pipeline" on Facebook's diversity problem, highlighted in the company's recent diversity report.
google enhances mobile search for travel retail boarding pass klm

Google just made it easier to find travel deals and book them on your phone

Google enhances its mobile search to increase travel and retail search functions to accommodate mobile users who make purchases and book travel on phones.
scientists announce progress on harry potter invisibility cloak 1991

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is in the works

The invisibility cloak from Harry Potter has inspired scientists to go out and create a working model, and recently announcing significant progress on it.
apple new pay plan for streaming music

Apple’s simplified payment plan to stream music would make life expensive for rivals

Apple proposed a new pay plan for songwriters and publishers that would make it much more expensive for Spotify and YouTube to offer free streaming music.
baby groot mantis new in guardians of the galaxy 2 1 0

Baby Groot and Mantis join the ragtag crew of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Fans got a small taste of what to expect from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 from concept art showing a group portrait of the cast in action.
apple creates design school in italy

Apple is launching a 600-student iOS design school in Italy

Apple opens a new iOS development school in Italy designed to train 600 students in the necessary skills to design apps and create startups.
caterpillar uses facial recognition to spot fatigue 795f

Caterpillar uses facial recognition software to identify sleepy equipment operators

Accidents involving Caterpillars huge haul trucks could easily result in fatalities, and fatigued drivers have a higher chance of causing one.
nsa labels linux tails users extremists sign

NSA labels Linux Journal readers and Tor and Tails users as extremists

The NSA flagged IP addresses of Linux Journal readers and Tor and Tails users for surveillance and called them extremists.
amazon chinese counterfeit problem gets worse

Amazon made it easier for Chinese counterfeiters to sell you fake products

Amazon created its own problem by offering access to its Fulfillment by Amazon to Chinese sellers, making it easier for them to distribute counterfeit goods
conan giving away free google cardboard

How to get a free Google Cardboard from Conan O’Brien

Conan O'Brien is covering Comic-Con in San Diego, and shooting it in 360 degree 3D. He is giving out free cardboard VR headsets so you can watch it in VR.
can app stop unnecessary police shootings

Will a mobile app be the solution to stop unnecessary police shootings?

Technology investor Shervin Pishevar teams up with former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik to develop a mobile app to help stop police shootings.
seagull drone poops sunscreen on kids

Seagull drone ‘poops’ sunscreen on kids playing at the beach

Nivea designed a drone designed to look like a seagull and poop sunscreen on kids who need it. The drone uses UV cameras to identify kids without sunscreen
apple happy birthday 40 macintosh

Vintage erotica game found on ‘80s Mac would still be NSFW today

A Reddit user bought a vintage '80s Macintosh and found more than he bargained for. On it was an early erotica style game hidden in the computer's files.
pokemon go filter businesses near pokestops

Pokémon Go player catches dead body

Pokémon Go encourages players to venture into the real world to locations to find in-game Pokémon. A Wyoming teen found more than she bargained for.
Chasing Niagara Red Bull

Kayakers take on Niagara Falls, and shoot the documentary Chasing Niagara

Kayaker Rafa Ortiz has a dream to paddle over Niagara Falls and live to tell the tale. The documentary, Chasing Niagara tells the story of his journey.
cruise lines with wifi ship

Stay connected on your next cruise: Cruise ships with fast Wi-Fi

If you want to stay connected on your next cruise, take a look at this list of the cruise lines with the best Wi-Fi offerings.