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Apple is launching a 600-student iOS design school in Italy

apple creates design school in italy
The University of Napolli Federico II
Apple teamed up with the University of Napoli Federico II to create a new iOS Development Center in Naples, Italy. The University is accepting applications to fill 600 student openings that will follow a specialized curriculum. The application process involves an online test and interview. The program is currently open to students that live in Italy and Europe, according to Business Insider.

The course lasts nine months, and the first semester will focus on iOS development skills, followed by a semester of app design, startup creation, and development of apps for the App Store. The first class is set to begin in October 2016. The University of Napoli Federico II will administer the program with support from Apple.

The program has a dedicated facility on a new campus located in San Giovanni a Teduccio, on the outskirts of Naples. The sprawling campus design has the mark of Apple, though not quite as revolutionary as Apple’s new spaceship-like headquarters campus.

The University of Napolli Federico II
The University of Napolli Federico II The University of Napolli Federico II

The announcement seems to confirm that tensions over Apple’s tax dispute with Italy is an issue of the past. The Cupertino giant was required to pay $348 million in fines for tax evasion to the Italian government in a settlement agreement. The Italians initially levied the company with $963 million in taxes. Apple’s European headquarters are located in Ireland, known in Europe for a lower tax rate.

The European Union upheld that while trade is open between EU members, their tax rates can and do vary. Apple’s agreement to pay smoothed the waters in Italy and helped to facilitate the opening of the iOS development school.

Italy is not the only country that Apple has its eye on to train future developers. The company currently has plans to open app development centers in several other countries. Brazil, India, and Indonesia are all on Apple’s radar.

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