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New ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ dlc is out, along with a new teaser for ‘Death Star’ expansion

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Teaser Trailer
Star Wars: Battlefront developer Electronic Arts gave fans something to look forward to this year. Not only did EA confirm that the Death Star expansion was still on track to release this September, but it also announced the release of Rogue One: Scarif to be released in time for the 2016 holiday season. The digital expansion is based on the upcoming film Star Wars: Rogue One, which hits theaters in December.

EA announced that the new Rogue One: Scarif release will feature exciting new content, including a new planet and new heroes inspired by the upcoming film. Season pass holders can get their hands on the new content two weeks earlier than other players, so EA recommends that fans who want early access get it through the season pack.

EA participated in Star Wars Celebration Europe in London, and sent DICE’s Design Director, Niklas Fegreaus, to represent Star Wars: Battlefront. Fegreaus made several announcements about new Battlefront content, and a new teaser for the Death Star release premiered and created excitement worldwide.

Fans of the game have been vocally critical of available heroes, and asked EA to make more of the traditional heroes available in game play. Fegreaus confirmed that Bossk and Chewbacca will be available to play as part of the new digital content.

In addition to the heroes, developers promise new maps for players to explore, located both on the surface of the Death Star and in the space above it. The Death Star expansion also promises to bring new vehicles, weapons, and Star Cards for players to master.

EA also announced a new Skirmish mode that allows players to experience content offline that was previously only available online. Players won’t have to wait so long for that change, as Skirmish mode and a new Hutt Contract will be available July 21.

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