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Star Wars Outlaws: release date window, trailers, gameplay, and more

Fans of a galaxy far, far away are finally getting the games they’ve always wanted. After the less-than-ideal handling of the Star Wars franchise by EA up until the two Star Wars Jedi games, fans have been eager to explore new stories in this vast universe, as well as lore that isn’t addressed in the films.

The first to take a crack at it in a big-budget title is going to be Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment with the new Star Wars Outlaws. This franchise has a huge history, tons of lore, and devoted fans picking apart every detail. If you want to know where this new adventure is going to take you, turn off your targeting computer, trust in the Force, and check out everything we know so far about Star Wars Outlaws.

Release date

Star Wars Outlaws key art that features Kay Vess.

After showing off the game, we were hoping to get a release date for Star Wars: Outlaws, yet only have a window. For now, all we know is the adventure will blast off sometime in 2024.


One character points a gun at others while gambling in a bar in the trailer for Star Wars Outlaws.

Star Wars: Outlaws will be arriving on all major current-gen systems. This includes the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


We were lucky enough to get two trailers for Star Wars: Outlaws in quick succession in the summer of 2023. The first was the World Premiere Trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase in June 2023.

Star Wars Outlaws: World Premiere Trailer

This trailer immediately establishes that Star Wars: Outlaws will take place during the events of the original trilogy — specifically between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. However, this game will not focus on that conflict, but rather on the criminal underworlds of the Outer Rim. We’re introduced to our protagonist, Kay Vess, who is described as “an emerging scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life.” She will be joined by her small alien companion, Nix.

The trailer shows her being confronted in a bar by some thugs while playing cards, prompting an explosive escape. After a few more cuts, she meets a man named Jaylen on her ship, who offers her some sort of deal. She will be roped into pulling off the biggest heist she’s ever taken on to hopefully escape her life as an outlaw once and for all.


Star Wars Outlaws: Official Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft Forward

Just a few days after the reveal, we got the first Gameplay Walkthrough for Star Wars: Outlaws at Ubisoft Forward.

We already knew this would be an open-world Star Wars game, but this trailer opens in a more constrained location and shows off that there will be stealth elements, including a stealth takedown and having Nix distract guards.

When combat does kick off, Kay’s primary weapon will be her trusty blaster, which operates on a heat system rather than ammo. We do see that when confronted with a shielded enemy, she will have multiple modes for her blaster. The three we saw were Blaster, Focused, and Stun. By swapping to Focused, she was able to disrupt the shield and perform a melee attack. Nix can also help in a fight by retrieving weapons from fallen enemies.

Kay’s health is broken up into segments that, so long as one isn’t fully drained, will regenerate over time when not damaged.

To help explore the massive open world, Kay will also have her own Speeder. This has its own recharging boost meter, and can also be used in combat. Kay activates a bullet-time or Dead-Eye-like mode where time slows to a crawl and she targets pursuing enemies before automatically blasting them.

While boarding her ship, we get a glimpse of a prompt to use a workbench, suggesting the ability to upgrade weapons and gear. Most surprising was that, after taking off, you will be able to fully pilot the Trailblazer and engage in dogfights with other ships. You will also be able to fly from the surface directly into space and use Hyperdrive to jump to new locations. We will have to wait to learn just how many planets we will get to explore.


Kay Vass joined by her small alien companion called Nix in a futuristic city.

Don’t go putting all your credits on the table just yet. Star Wars: Outlaws only has a release window so far, so no preorder information is available yet. As soon as we get word of what editions and bonuses you can snag, we’ll smuggle the intel to you directly.

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