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Avowed: release date window, trailers, gameplay, and more

A castle wall in Avowed.

Obsidian has been a studio that punches above its weight with amazing RPGs like Pillars of Eternity and South Park: The Stick of Truth, as well as classic games like Fallout: New Vegas and Star War:s Knight of the Old Republic 2. While we’re waiting on the sequel to the sci-fi adventure The Outer Worlds 2, the team is taking on its biggest challenge yet. Avowed is a first-person RPG that has a lot of visual similarities to Skyrim, but is set within the original world created for Pillars of Eternity. We’ve been tracking this game since it was revealed in 2020 and it’s now in the final stretch before release. This could be the next great RPG experience you’ve been looking for, so check out everything you need to know about Avowed.

Release date window

During the January Xbox Developer Direct, we learned that Avowed is currently scheduled to release in fall 2024. No specific date was given, but we anticipate a firm date will be revealed by this summer.


A Xaurips from Avowed.
Xbox Game Studios / Obsidian

With Obsidian being owned by Xbox and a first-party studio, Avowed is an Xbox and PC exclusive. There is some possibility that it could come to other platforms like PlayStation in the future now that Xbox has started experimenting with bringing its exclusives to other platforms, but for now, it is best to assume this title will stay on Xbox and PC.


Avowed - Official Gameplay Trailer

The Official Gameplay Trailer was shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2023. We will discuss the actual gameplay in a minute, but this trailer does give us a glimpse into the world of the Living Lands. We see a few characters of different races, unique biomes, and dangerous monsters. It also keys us in on the main story thread of attempting to uncover the mystery of a plague that seems to corrupt its victims’ souls. There’s also the question of whether or not your character will end up being a savior or a villain, which will affect your ability to roleplay and how you want your story to go.

For some background, Avowed takes place in the world of Eora from Pillars of Eternity, but does not require knowledge of that game. It is not a full fantasy world like Skyrim, so it features technologies advancing to the level of guns at least, as wel as plenty of mythical monsters and magic. The Living Lands is an island mostly isolated from the rest of the world, though your character is said to be sent there by the Aedyr Empire specifically to look into the plague. What role you play in the story, and which side you take on any conflict, will be up to you.


Avowed Deep Dive - Xbox Developer_Direct

As mentioned, one look at Avowed will evoke memories of Skyrim. In some ways that’s an accurate description, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

You will play from a first-person perspective wielding any combination of one-handed weapons, like swords, pistols, or magic, or a single two-handed weapon. You will be free to swap between all these options as well, even saving different loadouts to make it easier. You aren’t going to be locked out of any weapons or armor based on a class, for example. Instead, you will invest points and gain skills in whatever you want to make your own build as you play. You are going to have a character creator that lets you pick a background, but that will only impact story-related things.

This freedom is also promised to be a major component of the story and various quests you take, but we haven’t gotten any actual examples of just how flexible the game is. If the studio’s prior games are anything to go by, however, then you can expect many different and intelligent ways to complete quests that reward players who are attentive and creative.

Perhaps the biggest differentiator from Skyrim is the fact that Avowed is not a singular open world. While it was initially conceived as such, like The Outer Worlds, Avowed will be hub-based. This choice was made so that the team could emphasize telling tighter stories across multiple locations without bloating the experience. We don’t know how many of these hubs there will be, but expect them to be modestly sized and also packed with details.

You don’t have to take on the danger of the Living Lands alone, though. Companions are available to join you on your adventure, and they will also impact the story. They are not meant to be random NPCs that fight for you and more like dedicated party members that you get to know and grow a bond with. Up to two companions can follow you at a time while the rest stay at your camp ready to be swapped in. We don’t know how many you will meet in total, but it doesn’t seem like any will be missable since some are required for specific story missions. During combat, you can give them general commands, but never specific instructions.


Fighting a giant fungal-infected bear in Avowed
Obsidian Entertainment

Fall 2024 is very close, but until we know exactly what day we can embark to the Living Lands, no pre-order information will be available. However, being an Xbox first-party game means that Avowed will be available on Game Pass the day it launches for subscribers.

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