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Haunted Chocolatier: release date, trailer, rumors, and more

Late last year, indie developer Eric Barone (commonly known as ConcernedApe online), famed for single-handedly creating the magical Stardew Valley, officially announced that he was developing an all-new game. That game is called Haunted Chocolatier, and it looks like a whole other world of fun, casual simulation, and finding out the secret desires of every single member of your community.

Details are still limited: “I just like working in secret,” ConcernedApe reported in his last progress update — but don’t worry, plenty of info has already dropped, and we’ll keep you updated about every detail so you know what’s going on.

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Release date

Character running past a chocolate factory in Haunted Chocolatier.

There is no set release date for Haunted Chocolatier. The last update on the title came in a blog post from the developer in December 2021, where he wrote “I’ve been doing a lot of work on Haunted Chocolatier, and making good progress. I still want to check in and let you all know that I am working on this game all the time … ”

We can’t estimate when a release date will be announced. Hopefully, we get more information sometime this year.


House in Haunted Chocolatier.

Haunted Chocolatier will absolutely be coming out on PC, but there has been no mention of other platforms.

Stardew Valley eventually made its way to consoles and mobile, so we’re assuming Haunted Chocolatier will be readily available to all gamers as well.


ConcernedApe's Haunted Chocolatier -- Early Gameplay

We’ve only seen a quick glimpse of Haunted Chocolatier in an early gameplay video released in October 2021. The video shows citizens going about their day in a cozy little town, a little bit of combat as a character gathers ingredients in the wild, and some chocolate-making footage from inside the chocolate factory.


Foraging in Haunted Chocolatier.

Haunted Chocolatier begins with the player starting up a chocolate shop while living in a haunted castle in the middle of a snowy community. The player will need to seek a wide variety of ingredients and alliances to make the best chocolate possible and ultimately reach success.

It’s not surprising just how similar the game looks to Stardew Valley so far. ConcernedApe has compared it to the energy of the moon, as Stardew Valley was the energy of the sun. The art style, movement, and interface are all recognizable here. However, it is being created in a new engine, which appears to allow for some important additions. So far, there’s no information if it’s actually placed in the same world as Stardew Valley.

Dialogue in Haunted Chocolatier.

The simulation aspects

One of the things people fell in love with in Stardew Valley was the ability to take your time, get to know everyone in the community, and make progress with a variety of relationships (and farming, of course), what ConcernedApe calls a “town game.” Haunted Chocolatier will be more of the same, with similar systems to give gifts, get to know characters, and progress relationships…or make mistakes.

Action and combat

Here’s where Haunted Chocolatier splits from Stardew Valley in important ways. There is a much greater emphasis on Action RPG features, and that includes combat, which has a complete overhaul. There will be a variety of weapons and shields, a full blocking system, a stun system connected with successfully blocking enemies, and more. This should make foraging attempts and exploration an interesting part of the game for those who want a little more action in their chocolate-making plans.

The soundtrack

Fans of Stardew Valley are no doubt eager to know what sort of soothing tunes Haunted Chocolatier will have. Good news — it sounds great so far. You can check out the trailer to get an idea of what to expect. We probably won’t hear much more until the game nears completion.

ConcernedApe's Haunted Chocolatier -- Early Gameplay

Multiplayer and co-op

According to the FAQ section of the developer’s blog, Haunted Chocolatier is being designed as a single-player game with no plans for any kind of multiplayer aspects.


The game is still likely a couple of years from release, so there’s no chance to pre-order it just yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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