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Hyperloop test site shows commitment to making high-speed travel a reality

hyperloop makes progress on manufacturing and test site sunset in paradise1
Hyperloop is making progress in constructing its North Las Vegas test site in a quest to transport travelers through its proposed system of giant pipes at speeds of 750 miles per hour. A concept that not too long ago only existed on paper is quickly becoming reality in the desert north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In addition to the test site, Hyperloop is constructing a site to manufacture the Hyperloop parts, called the Metalworks facility, according to buildzoom. Work on the test site actually began in January, and to date is estimated to have a total job value of $1.9 million. Hyperloop plans to build the 1,400-meter high-speed test track, an electrical system to support the track that will cost nearly $1 million, and a 26,250 square foot foundation for a tent structure.

The Metalworks facility will be located at 4660 Berg Street in North Las Vegas. The company procured a number of permits for two phases to build out the 451,000 square foot building housing the Metalworks facility. The first phase covers subdividing the building by adding a barrier wall to separate the space, and creating a smaller 107,000 square foot area that will be built out into a management and manufacturing space for hyperloop parts. A 230kw generator capable of supplying 480 volt current, the associated electrical work, and installation of water jet machines will also be completed during this phase.

Phase two will build out the 107,000 square foot portion of the warehouse, and will add a massive sliding gate capable of automatic vehicle detection. For lower tech access, Hyperloop will also add a massive double swing gate during this phase.

A job this size requires the support of a number of contractors to get the project to completion. General Contractor Martin-Harris Construction leads the charge, and is supported by Helix Electric, P and L Fencing and Iron LLC, Southland Industries, American Sheet Metal, Inc, A Campagna Company LLC, Aries Consultants, Southwest Electritech Services, and Geotek.

The capital commitment and sheer volume of work required to get just this piece of the Hyperloop puzzle definitely shows the company’s commitment to making the concept a reality.

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