Beam me up: Swedish eco-hotel offers out-of-this-world experience

Located near the Lule River, the UFO hotel room was made from a prefabricated lightweight composite material and placed aloft in the trees with the utmost attention paid to sustainability and environmental awareness. To ensure this, the UFO retains a high level of energy efficiency and conservation, the UFO sources its power from a hydroelectric facility, features insulation, LED lighting, composting toilets, and underfloor heating.

The room itself measures 30 sq meters and is large enough for a double bed, a composting toilet and a cozy dining area. A giant skylight compliments the room, allowing guests to take in the beautiful night sky and surrounding forest. Guests are able to access the UFO room via a retractable staircase and hatch door — but no word yet on when the tractor-beam will be fully operational.