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Renting just got a whole lot easier with Bedly shared housing

Renting can be difficult no matter which side of the lease you are on. For renters, difficulties come from searching, furnishing, setting up utilities, and more. Landlords have to deal with paperwork and logistics. To make things easier for both parties, Bedly aims to simplify the housing process.

Co-founded by Martin Greenberg and Benjamin Chester, Bedly trims off the annoying parts. By furnishing apartments, screening roommates, and establishing utilities, renters enjoy a much simpler exchange. The same goes for landlords, who gain the benefit of having their rentals marketed via an easy-to-use platform. In essence, it’s the Airbnb of housing.

Unlike Airbnb, however, Bedly focuses on medium to long-term arrangements. Rather than paying so much per night, users stay for three months, six months, or longer. If a place doesn’t feel right, users can easily move within Bedly’s network. This is simple since 95 percent of listings on Bedly come pre-furnished. Unit pricing takes into account furnishings, bed linens, kitchen items, Wi-Fi, and secure access.

“Landlords haven’t changed their products in a very, very long time,” said Greenberg in a conversation with Tech Crunch. “The old way is antiquated and makes no sense for the new generation of renters. You’re not locked in, from a flexibility perspective.”

Currently, Bedly is only live in New York City and Boston with about 350 different listings. Both these areas are competitive rental markets with renters who are used to paying substantial amounts for an apartment. Bedly is marketing towards young professionals who are just looking for a place to rest. It’s a step between dorm life and the real world.

Prices start at $990 per month in Boston and $740 per month in New York City.

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