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Don’t dread hot, sticky summer nights — use the Bfan to stay cool in bed

We’ve been awaiting its return for months, but now that summer is nearly here, we could probably do without nights sweating into our sheets. But fret not — you can still enjoy all the perks of summer without its nocturnal drawbacks thanks to the Bfan, a bed-cooling system that will help you stay dry and sweat-free without wasting tons of energy (not to mention money). The clever solution for hot sleepers has already fared remarkably well on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where it raised a total of nearly $800,000, and you can pre-order one for yourself for $126, with an estimated delivery date of June — just in time for sweltering heat.

The standing fan can be placed just about anywhere around your bed. The top of the Bfan is slightly curved to rest on the edge of your bed, and blow a gentle breeze all night long. Regardless of how tall your bed is, the Bfan will probably be a fit, as the body extends from anywhere between 19 and 37 inches tall.

But this is more than just your standard fan — rather, the design of this device promises to remove heat generated by your body (that is subsequently trapped in your sheets, comforter, and mattress), enabling you to sleep in cool, constantly circulated air. The air duct of the fan measures 12 inches wide and three-quarters-of-an-inch deep, so cool air will be dispersed over a relatively large area of your bed. The base of the fan can be set in any direction, and you can set the system up at the top of the bed, at its foot, or around the side, depending on where you overheat most. That said, the Bfan is meant to deliver air between the top and bottom sheets of your bed so that it is constantly in direct contact with your body.

And beyond your comfort, Bfan users have also seen impressive cuts on their electric bills — in fact, the company notes, some customers have reported savings of up to 50 percent on their monthly payments.

So if you’re already dreading the hot summer months and what it will mean for your sleeping habits, you may want to loop into the Bfan.

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