Biome Terrarium turns your digital thumbs green

In this bustling digital age it’s easy to get lost among our hectic schedules and numerous commitments. We are a busy creatures running here and there, living our lives to the tick of the clock. We have created so many things to help match the frenetic pace of our lives, from email to text messaging, smartphones to tablets; the list of items created to enhance and speed up our lives is virtually endless.

Enter the Biome Terrarium by Designer Samuel Wilkinson. The Biome Terrarium was designed with the goal of slowing down people’s lives and helping users find more meaningful ways to spend their precious free time. The Biome performs the function of a normal terrarium, and for those with thumbs not so green a terrarium is an enclosed area for keeping plants or animals — generally for research or fun.

What makes the Biome noteworthy is its elegant and simple design, as well as the way in which it is controlled. Unlike a traditional terrarium, the Biome is fully controlled through your iPad or smarthphone. Through your device of choice you can adjust lighting levels, climate conditions, and water  — nurturing your plant from tiny seed to full on flora. The Biome even lets you customize different climate types in your digital garden while all information is relayed back to your smartphone or iPad.

With our lives becoming increasingly more digital and high tech, it’s nice to see a design come through which attempts to marry the two together in an easy and intuitive fashion. We might not have a lot of digital downtime in our lives, but the Biome Terrarium certainly provides an interesting and worthwhile invitation to the world of high-tech smart gardens.